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Welcome to Warriorkat's Fiction Pages. Here I have indexed GLBT fiction I have written over the past nine years for easy reference. If gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender issues bother you, don't bother reading anything on this website. None of my works are explicit, so if you're looking for dirty stories, this is not your website either.

What's New

February 10th, 2008 - Website streamlined for easier navigation. Broken links removed; old projects discarded.

Posted beta version of the 2008 rewrite of Agony in the Garden. It is substantially better than the version I wrote seven years ago (going to college does make a difference.)

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I wish to express thanks to the Royal Academy of Bards for hosting some of my works offsite; they have some really good fiction authors listed there.

If you like this type of fiction, you may be interested in The Ultimate Uber List, which is an index of Uber Xena and original GLBT fiction. I wish to give them thanks for listing my works in their comprehensive index.