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Agony in the Garden

They were never supposed to meet--the good Christian girl and a skeptical tomboy. Somehow their destinies get entwined, whether they want it to or not. Can fate be set straight or will it crash and burn? Novel length story, posted in five parts. Original version posted January 2001; rewritten version (beta) posted February 10th, 2008.

URL: http://warriorkat.tripod.com/fanfic/prologue.html

A Cat Named Xena

A certain warlord, reincarnated as a black cat, gets a second chance at redemption. But is her reputation too bad to repair? Short story. Posted July 2nd, 2000.

URL: http://www.academyofbards.org/fanfic/w/wk_catxena.html

Freshman Year

Two girls enter high school--one who has moved from the big city to a small, conservative community, and a native who has never fit into the den of the Religious Right. Medium length story. Posted July 22nd, 1999.

URL: http://warriorkat.tripod.com/fanfic/wk_fy.html

Vices and Their Devices
(sequel to "Freshman Year")

Religious frenzy threatens to tear Minerva and Terry apart just as they meet. Can they survive it? Medium length story. Posted August 6th, 1999.

URL: http://warriorkat.tripod.com/fanfic/wk_vices.html

(third and final story of the Minerva & Terry Series)

[summary pending] Written August 1999 but never posted.

URL: [pending]

Call of the Wilderness

Doomed to a loveless marriage, a young farm girl and her sister discover a wounded outlaw. Is the outlaw the key to escaping the marriage from hell? Medium length story. v1 posted July 22nd, 1999; revised edition posted May 27th, 2001.

URL: http://www.academyofbards.org/fanfic/w/warriorkat_callwild.html